About us

TransFarm Africa (TFA) is an East African based specialist agricultural management and advisory services provider, and is the preferred strategic agribusiness partner to clients throughout East Africa, seeking the highest quality service, independence, objectivity and confidentiality. TFA is a specialist company that manages agricultural businesses and rural property in the role of Asset Manager. TFA offers international agribusiness advisory services across a number of commodity sectors. TFA is a dynamic, fast growing business that can adapt to suit the needs of various clients, projects and situations. TFA provides holistic solutions underpinned by unparalleled agricultural expertise and proven quality assurance systems and procedures, combined with an active management approach and rewards based remuneration. This unique service offering is tailored to suit each client ensuring objectives and goals are achieved.

TFA has two operating divisions:

Management Solutions:
TFA is a ‘hands-on’ manager of farm assets and agribusinesses, contracted to manage assets and businesses on behalf of a wide range of clients across Africa and East Africa in particular. TFA develops and manages assets which include the farmland and business operations including livestock, cropping, and horticulture including outgrowers. Our Management Solutions incorporate day-to-day operations, financial management, WH&S, administration and reporting which is completely tailored to each location, enterprise and client objectives. TFA operations consist of an in-house development team that develops the land and infrastructure in a low-cost, timely and high quality manner. In order to unlock the farming opportunity Africa offers it is very important to be able to execute. The TFA team has a proven track record of executing in an African environment. Incentives drive behavior and therefore TFA believes that managements’ interests should be in line with that of fellow shareholders. TFA therefore encourages management shareholding.

Strategic Advisory & Research:
TFA offers international agribusiness advisory services across a number of commodity and client sectors. We conduct fundamental analysis on political and social systems, market infrastructure, labour markets and capital markets support in order to narrow down potential areas in which to invest. Given the dynamics of emerging markets, we weigh country factors more heavily than industry factors. Our assessment includes detailed analyses of business cycles, economic growth, government policies, governance and property rights, as well as arable land availability, yields, weather, water resources, transportation costs, regional grain and crop production and consumption trends.

TFA’s tailored advisory services include but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Business Advisory.
  • Due diligence.
  • Business Planning.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Whole Farm Planning.
  • Commercial Reviews
  • Market and Commodity Research.

In Summary:

TransFarm Africa brings together proprietary research and local sourcing with thorough, centralized investment evaluation and control. Our influential relationships and experience in Africa provides us with exceptional access in the regions where we operate, and we partner with an extensive network of talented local operating, accounting and legal professionals, enabling us to source unique opportunities. We conduct proprietary research, evaluating opportunities from a broad, top down perspective as well as assessing individual opportunities using models developed in-house. TransFarm Africa has an entrepreneurial and flexible team, which means that we can quickly take advantage of opportunities. We believe that our experienced management team is a powerful and unique asset that allows us to operate with local coverage at a very high level and stay ahead of market trends.